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Speaking Engagements

Textbooks & Students in Library Land (joint with Ara Taylor), 12:00-1:00 PM (Sept 14th 2017)
“What are the issues today’s students encounter with textbooks? Someone once likened staffing a service desk in a library to the profession of bartending. We love our students, and we’ve heard i all — the good, the bad, and the bigly. With library security gates registering close to 2000 student visits per day, the library has a unique vantage point regarding student issues with textbooks.  Join Library and Bookstore staff for an information exchange, with the goal of creating pathways for best collaboration. We want to understand the kinds of textbook concerns and issues you face, as well as share what we see from our perspective. All topics are on the table, from affordability to…whatever!”

An Open Textbook – A Practical Approach (joint with Amanda Martin), 10:15-11:15 (Feb 16th 2016)
“Join Amanda and Rowena to learn about their Faculty-Librarian collaboration on a unique multimedia online textbook used for a 100-level course. Participants will then discuss the potential opportunities and limitations of this teaching tool. You will come away with tools to help you integrate library and web resources into your teaching materials” PPT slides.

Copyright for Educators – What you need to know now, 2:15-3:15 PM (Sept 17 2015)
“Copyright and licensing is a hugely complex and misunderstood issue with potentially troublesome legal and ethical problems. This presentation will discuss ways to share educational material with your students in an ethical manner that will help promote student success and learning. The WCC Copyright Policy will be discussed as well as alternatives to costly material. Participants of this session will have a better understanding of the copyright landscape that effects their work and tools to help them make better choices.”

Textbooks, eBooks, Open Licenses & Copyright: How Can We Support Student Success? (co-presented with Ara Tayler, Jeff Bingman, Jon Spores) – Feb 18th 2014
“Buy? Burrow? Rent? Copy? Read Online? How can faculty and staff provide quality educational materials that are affordable and foster student success? Representatives from the bookstore and the library will discuss various options and relevant copyright issues. Join us for a lively discussion and Q & A session.”  Duration: 50 minutes. Powerpoint.

The Critical Role of Librarians in Open Course Library (co presented with Shireen Deboo &Tria Skirko) – May 2013
“Learn how community college librarians from around Washington State supported the OCL project by navigating OE repositories to identify quality content, integrating information literacy across the curriculum, and promoting understanding of copyright issues.”  Duration: 30 minutes. Link to recording:

Insider Blog presentation – Professional Development Day Feb 19 2013
Promoting and exploring the use of the WCC’s faculty and staff communication tool.

OpenEd Conference – October 17 2012
How Librarians contributed to the Open Course Library project. Session archive.

2012 CLAMS conference – May 19 2012

  • Using WordPress as a Content Management System for library subject guides. [ppt slides]
  • Open Course Library project update.

ebrary presentation – February 21 2012
Highlighting the features of ebrary that would benefit faculty.  Advanced features.


Classes Taught

Faculty Requested Library Instruction

  • ENGL 101 (Burns) Finding Sources (1 hr) March 1, 2017
  • ENGL 95 (Amendt-Raduege) Intro to Library Services (1.5hr) Feb 14, 2017
  • ANTH 206 (Lambrou) Citations 101 (1hr) Feb 13, 2017
  • EDPL 100 (Wolff) Intro to Library Services (1hr) Jan 17, 2017
  • EDPL 100 (Hoferty) Intro to Library Services (1hr) Sept 27, 2016
  • EDPL 100 (Rushing ) Intro to Library Services (1hr) Oct 5, 2015
  • EDPL 100 (Haberman) Intro to Library Services (1hr) Oct 5, 2015
  • EDPL 100 (Wolff) Intro to Library Services (1hr) Sept 29, 2015
  • ENGL 101 (Amendt-Raduege) Intro to Research (1hr) July 20, 2015
  • ESLA 88 (Peterson, Travis) Intro to Library ESL (1hr) July 16, 2015
  • HIST 118 (Ulli) Intro to Historical Research (1 hr) May 4, 2015
  • ESLA 88 (Brashears) Intro for ESL Students (1hr) March 13, 2015
  • ENGL 102 (Coulter) Scholarly Research (1.5hrs) June 2, 2014
  • ESLA (Brashears) Introducation to Library Services (1 hr) May 9, 2014
  • Health Sciences (Mele) Health Research Basics (45min) March 17, 2014
  • ENVS (Borgeson) Advanced Research (1hr) February 7, 2014
  • EDPL (Haberman) Library Basics (1hr) January 16, 2014
  • Hist 117 (Ulli) Research Basics (1.5 hr) October 15, 2013
  • ESLA 88 (Lutes) Intro to Library Services (1 hr) October 11, 2013
  • EDPL 100 (Zabel) Intro to Library Services (1 hr) October 8, 2013
  • EDPL 100 (Rushing) Intro to Library Services (1 hr) October 4, 2013
  • ENG 102 (Coulter) Subject searching with Academic Search Premier (1.5 hrs)  May 24 2013
  • ESLA Level 4 (Toof) Intro to Library services and catalog (1hr) February 21 2013
  • ENG 102 (Hogan) Intro to databases & scholarly communication (1h) February 15, 2013
  • EDPL 100 (Hagin) Intro to Library services and Research Skills (1hr) January 10 2013
  • ENG 170 (Hopcraft) Intro to Researching (1.5 hrs) November 15 2012
  • ENG 102 (Hamerbeck) Intro to Scholarly Sources (1hr) November 9 2012
  • ESLA 42B (Toof) Intro to Library services (1hr) November 8 2012
  • ENG 102 (Hammerbeck) Intro to Reference Material (1hr) November 2 2012
  • EDPL 100 (Wolff) Intro to Library & Scholarly Resources (1hr) October 5 2012
  • ESLA (Toof) Searching Academic Resources (1hr)  August 2 2012
  • IBest (Amendt-Raduege) Health Resources (1hr) July 23 2012  Handout
  • ESLA 88 (B. Robinson) Basic Library Introduction for low English students (1hr) April 20 2012
  • Psych 105 (Townsend) Library Researching  & Scholarly Publishing (1hr)  April 17 2012 Evaluation
  • CMST 205 (Dutton) Databases, Search strategies & EBSCO (90min) April 13 2012
  • Eng 102 – Advanced Searching – 55min with Q & A
  • ESL (C. Hope) Intro to Library Resources (30min) February 10 2012
  • ENGL 102 (Amendt-Raduege) Scholarly Research Using Library Databases (1.5 hr) February 3 2012
  • PSYC 105 (Knapp) Intro to Career Resources at the Library (1hr) January 31 2012
  • PSYC 105 (Townsend) Scholarly Research & Library Databases (1hr) October 4 2011
  • EDPL 100 (Townsend) Introduction to Library Resources (1hr) January 11 2011

Information Literacy Workshops

  • Research Basics – October 12 2010, April 26 2011, October 11 2011
    • Choosing a topic and created a focused research statement.
  • Introduction to databases – October 4 2011
    • 60 min Covering searching for peer-reviewed content, customizing databases.




Evolution of a Librarians Portfolio – because there may be a secret archivist lurking inside, I couldn’t let my old portfolios die.  Instead I present them here in all their primitive glory. (broken)

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