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This email was recently sent out to the WLA listserv about funding for school libraries and librarians on a federal level.

Funding for school libraries is in jeopardy. Across the country, students are attending schools without effective school library programs. Without access to school libraries, students are missing out on college and career readiness programs, digital literacy instruction, and personalized support from state certified school librarians.

The Strengthening Kids’ Interest in Learning and Libraries (SKILLS) Act is a bill introduced in the Senate that would ensure that students everywhere have access to a quality school library program. Here’s how you can help move this piece of legislation forward.

1. Go the ALA Legislative Action Center by clicking here: SKILLS

2. Read over the talking points and type in your zip code to find the phone number for your senator’s office. You can also be connected to your senator’s office by calling the capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121

3. Call both senators and ask them to co-sponsor the SKILLS Act using the provided talking points and your own stories about why school libraries are so important.

4. Fill out the feedback card or email Ted Wegner at to describe what you heard

 Although most of the funding for public school comes at a local level – federally dedicated school library funding (or even recognition) would be a huge boost to maintaining or returning local support.  Whatcom county schools have already lost a lot of their support from their budgets. 

Completely unrelated – but absolutely worth watching is this presentation by R. David Lankes at the Syracuse iSchool about the true current dangers to librarianship (note – not the ebooks).

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