Save the school librarians in Bellingham.

The Bellingham Herald‘s School Days Blog  recently posted this:

Save Our Schools Bellingham organizing Bellingham School Board meeting protest

Save Our Schools Bellingham, a group of parents upset with decisions about the elementary schedule change in the Bellingham School District, is organizing a protest on Thursday, June 10.

The group will be protesting decisions related to budget cuts and how the new elementary schedule reduces PE, Music and Library time for students. This is the same group that filed an appeal in Whatcom County Superior Court against the decision. No hearing date has been set.

The protest will begin at 6:30 p.m. in front of the Roeder Administration building, 1306 Dupont St. The regularly scheduled Bellingham School Board meeting will start at 7:30 p.m.

The Bellingham Education Association met with district officials last week to discuss the schedule change and possible contract violations associated with it. According to the BEA and Save Our Schools, the BEA proposed a compromise solution, however I do not know what it looks like.

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Save Our Schools is a new group which is passionate about improving/maintaining public school standards for our children, especially as cuts to music, gym and library services are being made to the 2010/11 budget.  They plan a ‘Freak Out‘ protest for the next BPS Board meeting as other channels for communication with the Board have fizzled out.  Please attend if you can – our children will not perform better without gym/music/library support.  I won’t be linking to the studies that correlate scholastic performance to these activities – but its been proven fairly conclusively.

Focusing on the school library aspect of this is another community led group called “With My Library” made up of some super fantastic local librarians.  They also have a Facebook page to encourage public discourse on the issue of long term funding for elementary school librarians.

On one hand its fantastic that there is so many courageous individuals who are willing to speak out and organize for the benefit of our public education system.  On the other hand its sad that we have to fight at all.

I’m going to steal a quote from the “With My Library” site to end this post.  Please comment below if you attended or are planning to attend the rally on Thursday:

A strong school library isn’t an intervention; it’s an integral part of a successful school—one that depends at least as much on a highly-qualified leader as any classroom.” Keith Curry Lance, PhD

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