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This may be something only I’m interested in – but I’d like one spot to check for all my local library news. Because there isn’t currently a service that provides this, I decided to create one myself.   Please let me know if this is something you too would like to see so I don’t give up in utter despair 🙂

Another reason I decided to do this is because in the run up to the WCLS Levi-lift I created a pipe.  A Yahoo pipe in which I funneled all the local news sources I could think of into and then filtered for any articles that talked about libraries.  It worked pretty good.  I never shared it with my Director or the Yes Libraries! PAC because I never felt it was ‘perfect’.  I hadn’t systematically investigated ALL local news sources and I may have missed a feed (and some newspapers like the Ferndale Record Journal and Whatcom Watch don’t provide feeds.  Boooh!).  And therefore, because it handn’t passed my crazy standards of perfection this tool was never put to the use that it could have been.


Yes, I’m working on that.

There is an interesting  theory in systems design called the ‘Principle of Good Enough’ (POGE).  I need to make that my maxim.

Traveling forward in time to today – apart for the need to have my own website for job searching purposes (waves!) I also felt it time to have an official voice online and felt this was as good a time as any to start doing that.  Apparently having a new website to play with is also a very happy-inducing activity.  I have been adrift from webdesign lately.

So if there are any other news sources out there that I haven’t included (I believe you can see the guts of the pipe) let me know and I will add it.

Happy news gathering.

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